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Meet Shaèron Nikole 

Who I Am, The Daughter of a Sovereign God! A mother, A maturing Christ-follower, A conqueror, A writer, A flourishing author, A Christian Counselor, A Mentor, and a Self-coach. I Am A woman running toward Christ's Heart and His Purpose for my life. My immense passion for glorifying Jesus Christ induces me to provide healing, restorative, supportive, honest, tangible advice and coaching. I am encouraged to uncover intelligible solutions to the life issues women and the body of Christ encounter and endure. The essence of our purpose is to build generations up, one heart, mind, and spirit at a time, invoking repentance, humility, prayer, submission to Christ, and for all to seek the face of our Righteous and Holy God.

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About Inner Voice Reveals


To build up the spirit, mind, and self, in women and the body of Christ, through honest Christ-based advice, writings, coaching, and counseling.

Listen to Your Inner Voice, it Always Reveals.


~Shaèron Nikole 

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