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Think Like A Woman, Not A Man!

Updated: Jan 5

I have journeyed throughout life feeling that my thought process is not good enough and that I must adapt to and be inferior to the men around me to be acknowledged and successful. That I can lead, but only other women, not men. I want to encourage you, ladies, to remember who you are and whose you are. Come sun or storm remember to live like the perceptive, intelligent, and superior woman you are! I am a woman, and my mentality IS that of a one.

I will be the first to say that I loved the book and the movie "Think Like a Man." I deeply admire all that Mr. Harvey has accomplished. However, I challenge women to pause on trying to think like a man and adopt the proper mentality and continue thinking like a woman! What Mr. Harvey was likely trying to convey to women was a lesson in understanding men. Relating to them, effectively communicating with them, and building solid relationships with your present or future partners; which is cool but do not get caught up, it's about understanding yourself first!

Ladies, my goal is to help you first understand who and what you are so when you encounter your soulmate, you are equipped emotionally, spiritually, and mentally to handle him and the budding relationship God has gifted you with. You must first know who you are before you can understand a man, what you require of him, and what you can give.

First off, we were not placed on this earth to serve as pacifiers, fixers, enablers, slaves, whores, or trophies for immature and internally broken males. We have SO much more to offer than that. First, we must recognize our worth, which will command more. If we are not walking the confident 'I know my worth' talk, men will never take us seriously and will treat us accordingly. A real man should be ardently pursuing, courting, and showing his adoration for a woman. If you are quickly chasing, begging, or anxiously awaiting, you have already lost the battle.

When God made woman, it was because we are needed, and Adam was given a mate, a woman. God could have given Adam a dog, a premium golf course, talking animals, or some friends to hang with in the garden. If the logic were simply about filling Adam's loneliness, God could have given him anything to fill that void; but there was a purpose! God gave him WOMAN, a partner, to stand alongside him as a helpmate.

Women are required! We are needed! God chose us purposely to exist, not to chase men, lose our souls over them, fight other women for them, become enslaved to them, and completely ruin our bodies, minds, and hearts for their pleasures and motives. NO! We are supreme partners for men, wives, supporters, nurturers, and mothers. Ladies, we must adopt this mindset and walk in this dominion, understanding that the word WOMAN emits immense power. God chose us to birth humankind into existence. Does this not exhibit the grandest ability and authority?

Ladies, we are a direct reflection of God's endless beauty. Our crowns, when worn, are built of the purest and brightest jewels, accentuating our lovely facial features and uniquely textured hair. Our crowns exude grace, dignity, divinity, and love. God has destined us for a purpose all too great to be defined or recited. Without Mary, Jesus would not have been born. She gave birth to royalty, and in everything we touch and in every breath we breathe, we can do the same. Women matter, and so does everything connected to our spirits.

I do not strive to think like a man. I exist to comprehend and reason like a WOMAN, a daughter of the highest God. That is what I am and what I believe you are too. The world is a better place because of us. We should always aim towards thinking and behaving like royalty, a descendant of Christ, a woman, never a man.


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