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The Complex and Supreme Self

Some of us get lost in the complexity of our being, we are misplaced, searching, and hungry for something, anything, but most times all our spirit requires at that moment is forgiveness and stillness.

We are our biggest enemy, competition, and critics. As a popular pastor states, “Our inner me can be our biggest enemy!” We can discourage, distract, discount, and destroy ourselves and others, in a matter of seconds simply by holding on to the past, to an unhealthy present, and by constantly criticizing and neglecting our inner self. Women especially, can stroll throughout life year after year and relationship after relationship unsettled, insecure, jaded, and bound. Taking no time to breathe, unclutter, or to diffuse the stressors, pressures, and distractions in life, love, career, and motherhood.

Passively, we authorize the abuse and bad behaviors from those connected to us, sometimes from ourselves. Believing that we have no control over unhappiness and destructive associations, on top of our own past and present pains that hinder progression… but we do! We have dominion over everything that comes upon us, whether it approaches in battle or beauty, we are ultimately in control of what affects SELF.

There is no obligation to anything that is harmful to our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. Ladies, if we are not internally right, no one around us will be. Women are the carriers, and nurturers of life, so it is a must that we are OK! We owe it to ourselves to accept God's gifts of freedom, forgiveness, wisdom, joy, serenity, health, love, internal and external beauty, and all else which follows. Our SELF is more than just a portrait of complexities or the curvature of our purpose filled temples, but our SELF echoes all of the grandeur, luminescence, and glory of Christ. So, we must take care of Her!

We are to hold this SELF of ours, that we only get to use once in this lifetime, to a higher standard. Guarding our hearts from unnecessary hurt, guarding our beliefs from those who criticize and doubt us and our faith, and guarding our spirits from those who blatantly deny the magnificence of our source- Jesus Christ. With complexity we are woven together, and with supremacy we stand divinely. It is about time we acknowledge our power, God given strength, and place here on this earth- in our homes, communities, within our self, etc., and adjust our mentalities and behaviors accordingly. It is time to take care of our SELF.

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