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Beauty in the Complexities of- Confrontation

Confrontation is an action that is often demonstrated in a negative way. Yet, there is another side we rarely explore and appreciate, and that is the freeing capabilities of confrontation. Some people use the complex skill of confrontation in a hostile and warring way, yes. However, through peacefully confronting circumstances or people who deeply trouble us or interrupt our lives, we are creating and enforcing a resolve to a cycle.

Confrontation is avoided by the meek, those who are too afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or too afraid to address the real problem, which in many cases is the self. Why are you afraid to speak up? Why would you rather endure unfair treatment, tainted relationships, fear, frustration, or ignorance? When we remain silent over situations we ought to stand up to, we non-verbally give permission for the continuation of the issue; no advancement or truth can exist.

What is it about yourself that will not allow you to confront what drains you? For some, it is the fear of vulnerability, the unknown, how addressing someone or a personal issue will alter the situation we are comfortable in, and how it places us on a level of self-intimacy and reflection most have never experienced. As we may know, by confronting our own issues, whether deeply rooted, surface related, or caused by others, we are then forced down the long road of accountability- which must lead to change! Accountability and change are two of the hardest things to accept and that is why some of us are so comfortable living in fear, in a lie, or in discomfort.

I believe in confrontation! It is my honor as a Christ-follower and a human being to address what's wrong in my life and this world. Not just address the issue but fix it! Jesus was confrontational and a corrector; lovingly and with force, He dealt with serious matters. God did not give us a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7), so why are individuals so afraid to speak and act? Every philanthropist, writer, CEO, revolutionist, or inventor first started with a passion, a passion that questioned and then confronted something. I am referring to the people who have a deep determination to change this world or their community for the better through Christ, people, the environment, technology, and the arts. The essence of their mission and life's work is built on ambitiously confronting an issue.

Confrontation is complex because people do not understand its powerful abilities to heal and encourage productive change and forward movement. Addressing problems is paramount for repentance and renewal- how else does one evolve if one never deals with upsetting or intriguing situations?

Looking the other way and ignoring the apparent never incited happiness or evolution in anyone. Complacency, mediocrity, and a hindrance of the greatness that lies null inside are nurtured if one evades the obvious. It's like trying to cultivate a beautiful garden amidst a bed of weeds. Acknowledge the problem, confront it, and fit it. Think about it.

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”- Albert Einstein

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