Note to Ladies... What's really GOOD

Men ask me, "Girl, what do I gotta do to be with you! Why aren't you married yet...?" Simply stated, because I haven't found a man who lays it down better than I can!! Lays it down in prayer, loyalty, respect, and honesty, like I can! A man who lays it down in stimulating intellectual communication and thoughtfulness. Lays it down in deep and abiding appreciation, reverence, and love for our God, Christ, and Holy Spirit... Not just a "God" but acknowledgment of the one and only Trinity! A man who carries himself as the mighty lion does- provides, professes, and protects his kingdom, but is empathetic, nurturing, compassionate, attentive, and can walk gracefully besides me through perilous wars, defeats, and still hold my hand as we stroll into many victories! And, with his head held high, because there's no whining or grown boys in this kingdom we are building! A purpose filled man who aims to be as wise as Solomon but with all that wisdom he can still prayerfully and publicly acknowledge and correct his flaws and mistakes. I need a man who teaches me for once, who makes me say "WOOOOOOW" (in my flava flav voice) because his words are eloquent, familiar- Jesus filled, real but not destructive, humorous but not corny or fake, and surpasses the depth of the seas.... The way he cares for others when no one is watching, makes my heart smile and my respect for him sky rocket. A man who complements my abstinence and vow to God and doesn't laugh at it but praises the Lord over it because he knows that I am his and he is mine- COMPLETELY! No hidden side chicks, babies, diseases, unstable emotions because of the last one, or confusing female drama over here! But, real, pure, Christ centered, purpose filled LOVE in the making! If me and this man can find each other, then and only then, will I place a crown on his head and surrender to his leadership and his heart! ️And, If I am asking too much, well, I guess I will happily carry on in my single life and continually love on the one who has shown at least some growth and potential in all of the above- my son. But this generation don't feel me! Self-respect, dignity, and morality, is at an all time low. Ladies, we can blame men all we want for our singleness and low self-esteem, but it is US who make allowances for everything that is not right in those relationships! It is time to stop recklessly dating and wearing our bodies out, and take a good long look in that self-reflecting mirror. We hold the key to the shackles we tirelessly wear year after year... Time to grow and wise up!

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