Watered down standards....

We live in an era where men and women are fully accepting of mediocrity! Most times it has little to do with money or lifestyle (or so social media pictures say). Contrarily, mediocrity for men is exposed through the price tag they place on women and standards, dating and love relationships, and on the internal care they perform on their hearts, minds, and spirits.

How a man loves and cares for himself on the inside will seep through, showcasing who he is and how he will treat you; and vice versa- what you see is typically what you will get; for all those women who witness a man deprecate his current relationship or marriage, yet, still wait eagerly to be chosen. A cycle without protest and accountability rarely changes; you will be the next victim, love.

Some men, claiming to want a good woman while insulting the supposed "gold diggers" and "h😮es" are typically the same men who are chasing them! When these "men" do meet women on a higher level than the other females they have dealt with, said men are clueless of her value, internal beauty, potential, and purpose. Sometimes, she is even called bourgeois or "bougie" because she recognizes her worth and chooses herself over him, his weak advances, arrogance, and simple-mindedness.

Wanting a "good woman" but approaching them ALL the same, is flawed logic (it’s not logic at all) and it will leave you rejected and lonely. A man can have a bunch of women but without the right one, he'll remain lost and aimless. Constantly trying to create the ONE out of the souls of many. A Timex can never be compared to a Rolex and its pieces can never be used to build one. With that said, only a few are fortunate to possess the latter. So, why not wait until you can and stop watering down.

For women, mediocrity is exposed through the options she permits herself to have, the standards she builds and lives by, her tolerance and discernment in all relationships, in how quickly she gives her heart away, and through the portrait of her spirit she sells to the world- in other words, how she presents herself.

We say we want a good God-fearing man with this and that, yet, we date and settle for everything but! Ladies, ever consider that the good men catching an imperceptible whiff of your degradation might just purposely stay clear of you? Good men can perceive if you love you or not, therefore, he will know you are truly ready to love him.

Whole people guard their hearts and don't water down standards!

This generation places high importance, greatness, and lots of money on cars, homes, status, and labels, yet, next to nothing on the inner self and on the way companionships are created and sustained.

Men treat women exactly how a lot of them act, with no standards, no regard, and like replaceable pieces in their game. These days they do not have to place high importance on women and perhaps because they have so many options- women who stand by ready to do what the others won't! Love, you are not ahead of the game by being a target, mistress, side chick, or rebound. You lost as soon as you started. How you get him is how you will lose him.

We enable that cycle because we play their game. Queen, You must not know your power? We are game Creators and Changers, not pieces and players! Stop watering down.

Nonetheless, I always thought a man's position was to lead, to set the example, to hold it down, and to treat any women in his life with honor, care, and respect. I am beginning to believe most do not want this responsibility, or they've fully forgotten it.

Either way ladies, it is all written on their resume and if you choose one that is underwhelming, the consequences are on you. We must think higher, discern deeper, feel less (leave emotions out of it but use logic), and choose better.

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