Women- Together we stand, divided we will continue to fall for... Part 1

There are multiple tragedies spreading like wild fire within the female gender. I'll only speak on two tragedies (for now). There seems to be a deep sense of denial and naiveté when circumstances revolve around men. There's also a deep sense of blind envy and hate floating betwixt strangers, associates, and friends; not to mention the ex and the new woman. But why?

Many women have major issues and hesitant thoughts about standing up for and speaking to one another if the conditions involve a new, confusing, or negative relational situation. Think about it, 9 times out of 10 if we communicate the concerns and issues we have with each other (especially) over him- what has emerged will never progress! Simple respect and communication puts an end to destructive drama.

Females will create beef based on hearsay and will battle each other either socially or behind the scenes over a man, who by the way, allows it.... Two women fighting over him because of lies and drama feeds his insecure, yet, fallaciously arrogant ego. Why participate in that?

Why haven't we learned that any man who must insult the last to compliment the next has insurmountable issues that will eventually bleed into the next relationship? Are women that naïve, or are they simply in denial...? Perhaps she has longed for some sort of love and attention for a while and refuses to allow anything to interfere with what she believes to be happiness. I believe both apply. Am I an Expert- Not really, but I am a woman who has been there, built a house on that shallow land, matured, and finally came back! We live and we learn so we can grow and inform others. Why do some women insist on seeing another suffer?

Some women will very quickly and biasedly take the side of a man she recently began dating over listening to the other woman who possibly knows him better and may have helped to bury some of his skeletons. Why is that? I thought we were in the information age...! Look, I want to know all his tea! What the ex may have to pour out just may be the elixir that saves my time and life! Besides, think of how the madness would cease if only women would stick together and stop allowing male on female mistreatment to continue. If we do not stand, these cycles will very well affect our sons and daughters!

Back to it-

He can be as guilty as an inmate on death row but somehow that will not stop females from backstabbing, assaulting, or getting on social media or in his ear to insult and tear down each other; especially the new girlfriend, who feels she is some sort of prize for "taking" or saving him from his ex. Why is that?

And, if we want to be honest, depending upon the situation, it does not make you the "new girlfriend," but more of a mistress and home wrecker.

I am just being honest. We have become mighty comfortable and very pretentious and braggadocious about celebrating the division of families, marriages, and long-term relationships. Men are ultimately to blame for their terrible and inexcusable mistakes, however, an accomplice is just as guilty.

Detestable and shameful behavior and character for she who is called a woman. Females who partake in the above Jezebelic behavior often forget that how you get him is how you lose him; the celebration doesn't seem so fun then. I am not judging but I am calling out the real hate crimes that continue amongst women everywhere. Corrective action, dignity and morality are in order. We mustn't forget that the core of our femininity and being is to solve problems, not to create them.

More to follow.

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