Reclaiming My Time

The astonishing, wise, and heroic Congresswoman Maxine Waters lit up the world with her timeless and inspirational movement creating phrase. A phrase that speaks volumes to those who demean, overlook, question, and disrespect our time, our value, our intelligence and mind, and our efforts.

This phrase should be the forefront and motto to many of our lives. Senseless arguments and beefs, attention paid to meaningless and negative connections, situations and mentalities, wasted time and a lackadaisical demeanor, and so many other circumstances that have drained our days and nights throughout the months and years.

Reclaim your time because you are tired of wasting it running in circles with the same mundane behaviors and tasks. Reclaim your time from dead relationships, depression, drama, and confusion (Confusion is man's kryptonite!).

Declare that you will jump off that ride even if it pains you, even if friendships are broken, even if people start to hate on you, even if you begin to stand out and alone, even if you never again have the comfort of going back! Who you are meant to be is far more precious, exceptional, and worthy, than who you are trying to remain. Your best days are ahead of you, and it is not how you start but how you finish! So, desire and strive to finish well. Whatever or whomever it is, write it down, be willing to address it, give it to God, seek counsel or guidance, and start planning today to release everything that has stifled or interrupted your growth.

Reclaim your body back from men who use and abuse it for their own insecure and self-discovery issues and arrogant ways. I know the world makes you feel like you need a man to BE- (OK, whole, sufficient, worthy, etc.), but understand you existed divinely before him and will do so divinely after!! YOU, Queen, are the favor factor! Reclaim your self-respect, your strength, and your body, and nurture it like you know Christ dwells inside of you and wishes to produce fruit!

I know how it feels to watch life speed pass as you feel trapped in the struggle of loveless and ending connections, parenting while stressed, and the abyss of finding yourself, or even trapped in confusion over goals and where to head next in life, trapped in the struggle of escaping a toxic association or relationship, or even trying to uncover your passions so you can pursue your dreams. I also know how it feels to know that all the above does not have to be the end and with God's help you can begin to rebuild yourself and your life… reclaiming your time!

Reclaim your time by accepting the peace and grace of God to cover and heal you while you move forward from those things that have held you back. You may have to crawl or drag yourself, but movement is movement! Do not let anyone shame you because of your pace or progress- the Tortoise was victorious in the race due to his methodical slow and steady strategy! Think of the many great characters in the bible who God allowed to go through very low seasons- and for years even decades so they may reach victory in their God given purpose. Excellence takes time! Who cares what people say, you need the validation of NO WO/MAN. Reclaim your time and stop listening to negativity and individuals who do not feed you and contribute to your success or mental health. Take control over your crowd, your peace, and your emotions, and stop giving foolishness power.

Reclaim your time by ridding yourself of all pettiness and people who are not on your level and who secretly wish you to fail. You will know who they are by their negative and unscrupulous advice and overly critical opinions of you. Life is too short and precious to waste on hanging with miserable people. Go find some eagles to hang with and learn to fly!

You are exactly where God knew you'd be, and He has provided a lesson in ever season and a gift in every hardship. Reclaim your time by knowing whose you are and what you are- BLESSED! Even when it doesn't feel or look like it, make the decision to KNOW IT!

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