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Take Your Place Back!

I cannot count on one hand or two how many times I have forgotten where I belonged. Forgotten where I belonged in life, in spirit, and with men. I will repeat, with men! Women seem to place he before she a lot! How many of us are showing up in places we do not belong? Continually making permanent residences in temporary dwellings, and constructing houses out of the sand, women will exist, hope, and cope with rose-colored 12-year-old fantasies of what we believe love should be.

Earnestly praying that the empty hearts and superficial desires that stand beside us will magically become whole and sincere. We make Bonnie and Clyde the model of our relationships, convincing ourselves that if he sees us riding and happy to die for him, he won’t leave. Laying down character, discernment, power, control, and our crowns for longing. Allowing the males of the world to take over our place, taking up space, disrespecting, defiling, and hindering blessings that belong to us. Still, we continuously wake up in foreign and uncomfortable areas, too afraid to leave because the journey home is lonely. Women obediently place aside everything the LORD created us to be, though never taking off the masks and the pretending- all to feel loved by males.

Did you know that women are authority, strength, necessary, virtuous, and the first thought for God, not a second? Without women, could men be? Sure. Could man be great? No. With a woman, he has a perfect purpose. He has a complementary partner to gain and conquer beside him. Man has a diverse equal who provides strength, influence, tranquility, and support when he's weary. A feminine softness and sensuality that soothes his thirsting heart and body. He has a delicate vessel to bear his greatest joys and his legacy and an extra backbone that does not break but remains steadfast during tribulation and testing.

We are a creation that provided the answer! God's final piece. God said, “it is not good for man to be alone…” that was a declaration of the unfinished plan. An all-knowing God was not surprised by this revelation. It was not a wavering afterthought or a question or a lackadaisical decision. The woman was a forethought created second to display the order of protection, provision, and leadership.

Perhaps, God created Adam first to show him that in ALL things, man must first acknowledge God, showing high esteem and appreciation for all the complex and astonishing creations that God has gifted him. The order was a reminder of what man must possess before joining with a woman- a relationship with the Creator- God the Father/ Holy Trinity, property, purpose, and work. Man must be fully equipped. We were designed from man, for man, to carry out, conquer, and increase God's purpose with man!

God is I AM! All-powerful, ubiquitous, extraordinarily grand, the epitome of magnificence, the architect of creativity and brilliance! He formed us from a divine decree, making it known through His word, which never changes, that man was not whole without a woman and that we are a requirement for the completion of creation; we are the vital part of this thing. Know who you are, then take your place!

If God thinks so highly of women, why shouldn’t you and the males? Why have you laid down your place? Allowing abuse, insecurity, disloyalty, depression, defeating thoughts, envy and jealousy, and heartache to suffocate you. Why are you SETTLING for people who don’t acknowledge your greatness and treat you accordingly? God did not create us damaged or to compete with the next, or to tear down other women, nor did Adam have a garden full of side chicks, baby mamas, and wives he could abuse, demoralize, and carelessly fornicate with. We must embody the respect we command. It works both ways.

Have you given up your place to desperation? Do people keep telling you that women need men to feel loved? To be successful in life, or to have a purpose? Have you given up your place because of loneliness? Loneliness cannot exist when the focus is on building a bond with God over man. Loneliness can be a beautiful path traveled to center oneself, find direction, self-love and confidence, peace, renewed strength, clarity, and the LORD. Loneliness is not ugly or dark but is simply a moment of solitude and often a time of much-needed rejuvenation for your mind, body, and spirit.

Have you given up your place for “love?” Define love though. The greatest love first lies above, flows down, and fills us within. It is not an external search, conceived first between man and woman. Love is not spoken but unseen. Love has more movement and character than sound, so simply hearing it or saying it does not make it real. And to be honest, if you haven’t accepted the true LOVE of God, which heals, renews, shapes, and transforms, you will never know how to love yourself or honor it from anyone else.

Beware of confusing dependability with stability, pit-stops with destinations, or provisional company for a spiritual soulmate. Know where you belong, start your journey, and take your place back.

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