There's Something In The Water

Swirls of iridescent hues, so beautiful, vibrant, serene, and profoundly mystical. Hues that are attracting eyes and curious minds, all many colors, views, and kinds. The swirls embodied by soft melancholic waves mesmerized, and the trance was setting in.

They were stuck in a stupor- a moment of empty, where eyes are maximized viewing something unrecognizably familiar; obsessively searching for a sound thought in a deaf mind. A numbing feeling, an irrational daze, a dark path suddenly set ablaze, and a longing to feel with no pulse and a missing heart. There is something about these swirls that forced them to reflect, to own, to question, to reject, even to neglect. It pushes you back and sucks you in like a narrowing vortex of sin. Still figures were resting in wait, observing the reactions and the effects of their fate. Bewildered eyes and wandering minds trying to see who will be the next to go last in line. Fear of the known is sewn into their tones. Harrowing groans and cavernous disappointments surrendered to the rippling flows that call to the detached souls. Lovers of no one, lost and alone, paths obscure, senses covert, not to mention, slaves of dissension.

Toes then thighs begin to descend in. My eyes anxiously watched as this illustrious water deepened the melody of their sighs and the moans of their destroyed ego's cries. Beautiful colors in these twisted waters displayed their reflections- many with an internal lack of connection, paraded personas, unfamiliar to the jaded sane side of their madness. See, they pretended long enough, now the truth is stirring and ready to erupt. An intolerable mentality, personal definitions unknown, hate and self-pity, and utter ignorance to their clone and the ugly that encapsulates their bones. What they decide to see is sweet but what they ignore is a sour core. Yes, there is something in that water- a piteously crippling reflection, instant fame that holds no weight or perception, a broken actuality, a stunning picture in a weakened and lackluster frame, and an outright obliteration of their God given name.

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