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Black Love

Updated: Mar 12

Black is the color most fear. A color most say is empty, unattractive, and aggressive. A color some recognize only for its fashion, flare, and fame.

Consider that Black is more than a color, a trend, or a person, although no individual should be defined as “black.” Black is indeterminate, undressed, an ethereal body of beautiful heavy that holds the minutest of life’s secrets and largest of heavenly wonders.

Love…. Now love, is impeccably unsighted. It embodies movement, yet nothing in its path can restrict its flow and illimitable shape. Perplexing and profound, Love is oblivious to sound, doubt, color lines, and human misuse. Love is free.

Black and Love are tantamount. Partnered, they are unbounded, intrepid, indomitable, exquisite, and intrinsically pure. A substance as infinite as the galaxy’s coast and so reflective no one or thing can measure, replicate, or explicate it, yet it is known.

Black Love is euphorically absolute, an oblivion of unrestricted consciousness, an escape to rapturous confinement. It is like, overwhelming waters flooding the depths of my being, gasping for air, and feeling life mightily infuse and revive me. This type of love does not end. It is a timeless journey, an intimate walk with God, a daily demonstrative undertaking, a selfless fate, a sacrifice.

Black Love is more than a concept or something designed to be held and governed by man. It originates from a domain outside ours and is active regardless of possession. Black Love is unquestionable, mirrors flawless execution, and is the sweet surrender between spirit- soul- and mind. It is discovered only through our Creator, the Master Architect, I AM, who decreed before we were, indeed.

To understand it is to envision, yearn for, and pursue it repeatedly until a superior essence dwells within and unlocks the conclusion. It is an exhortation, a remedy, a virtue, and a great kneeling before the supreme excellence that calls and liberates the chosen.

Black Love is the perfect rhapsody, an absolute pitch. It is the epitome of you before me, though sightless- We see. It is an affinity between them and us- the optimum key. Black Love is Agape's melodious serenade, created, written, and composed by the Trinity.

Black Love is... God.


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