A lifelong student of Psychology: Coaching, Clinical Counseling, and Mental Health. My Christ-centered pursuit to uplift and inform women of all ages, fuels me to address and resolve the issues and complexities of self-love, psychological wellness, relationships, parenting, and life's trials. Through Coaching and Counseling weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sessions, I aim to encourage and promote healing, progression, and comprehension, utilizing wisdom, God-given discernment, relatability, and intellectual lucidity. 


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 I. Relationships: God, Parental, Love, and Family 

  • Identification, Comprehension, and Resolution

 II. Self-Coaching: Building Self-Esteem and Self-Sufficiency in Women

  • Identification, Healing, Self-Esteem Building

  • Self-Actualization: Potential and Purpose Discovery 

God created us all beautifully broken. Through my God-given purpose, I will remind you that being "broken" is not damaging or irredeemable- but beautiful. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I wish to help you utilize your brokenness to explore, discover, accept, mend, and progress in peace, optimism, joy, and self-awareness. Our best years are still ahead of us! What matters more is how you persevere and ultimately finish. So, finish strong!

Whether damaged or flawed, a crown is still a crown. You ARE the daughter of the highest God!

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~Shaèron Nikole