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Who are you? Radiating such supremacy, vivacity, ardor, and ingenuity. A fantasy very much alive and real. I tried to touch, I needed to mollify my curiosity, but my hand fell through your silhouette. Like fresh dew sensuously cascading down a cherry blossom tree amid Spring’s stretches and yawns, I could not grasp you. Incredibly astounding you are.

My spirit budded at that moment. My eyes were blinded by the luminescence of your depth. An unsettling urge arose to taste all that I could not see and to touch all you fluidly spoke. I patiently awaited your words- to cradle, inhale, digest, exhale, until I was deeply elevated off the essential herbs of your love's flourishing garden. Yearning for more of your enlightened movements, I witnessed flowers thriving and all of creation falling to you, mirroring waves bowing to the shore. You reawakened me with your cool eclectic heir. I was finally free. I could breathe. I honored my newfound captivity and declared myself fanatically yours.

Undisguisedly and strategically placed on your easel, you made defined and bold strokes with your immaculate rose-shaped brush- sometimes too firm for my soft canvas. A canvas you purposefully bordered with your garden’s enchantment and heaven’s stars and galactical colors, so divinely mixed and arranged to soothe every ounce of pain. Within me, you had fashioned a brilliant masterpiece and unknowingly, I had been on display. But only for the selection who saw me, who required my essence, and who sought your permission.

You made me swallow all doubt and proudly own my flaws. You paraded me around adorned with a decorous crown made of the finest jewels, platinum, and gold, all enhancing my beauty and complexities. You placed me in authority and titled me Royalty. You taught me the precious value of ‘like’ and how there is no love without it. You gave me vision with sealed eyes- a rare sight from my soul. You gave invaluable worth to my body, mind, and spirit, deeming me eternally yours.

Admittedly I am in love, no denying the truth, but merely saying “in love” is insulting to me, to you, and to the awe we have struck. It is more than being in love. I am encompassing you and you, me. Extraordinarily encompassing, like the universe swallowing celestial bodies, or the firmament cradling the waters above, reminiscent of the oceans tightly embracing vast lands, or like halos on angels, and diamond rings on hands. Magnificent and sublime like an infant being nurtured in a mother’s womb, and like your greatest passion burning from within the tomb.

Breathless, absorbing every piece of your tasteful hue and dissecting the mysterious pen that sketches the ideal and thoughts of you. I am in sync, I am on glow times ten, and your name elicits my dearest emotion, obedience, and reverence, and covers my deepest sins. You gifted me with a sound that pours from my fingertips, I radiate substance forged of faith and hope, and your praises remain on my lips. I see no possible existence without You, wherever You go, there I will be, in your shadow perfectly happy.

All these things, I AM, because of You.

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