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Supremely unconventional, sovereign, never drawn- She is a complete idea manifested. The wind is her stage, and she is exalted among thee and him. Swimming amongst the deep, mind sharp and steep, etched with designs and ideals of how to rise, invent, monopolize, circumvent, and leap.

The ethereal mist divinely produced from heaven's exhalations. A majestic concept shaped into heart, body, spirit, and song. An ingenious duet between God and the purest form of light. Scintillating rays adorn her vessel, igniting her brilliant thoughts and transforming her strides. She is the soft hush that quiets conflict and confusion. The soft-touch soothing affliction and storms, and the soft courage that makes fear and angst change their form. Her melodic words stream like a river, soars like musical notes, and resonate like an Angel's sweet poetic whisper. She is the perfect ballad executed. An absolute baseline. A paradigm concealed to the absent mind. A complete and boundless movement, a desire, empathetic, sincere, captivating, a beautifully heavy kind, passionate, daring, and perfectly blind.

Dressed in Christ's love and freedom, a true reflection of His core and grace. Beauty has a name- truth and love, and the perfect palette has a frame. Colorful is her shield, iron her backbone. She is fierce and victorious and can conquer alone.

Her creativity is continuously anew, she is a profound energy, her strength outweighs Jupiters' mass, and life is her class. She is the highest degree in Fahrenheit, the strings in a symphony, the means to an end, and because of her, man can ascend.

She IS... WOMAN.

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